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Editing recommendation

Fantastic Visions Literary Design Studio

4607 Venice Heights Blvd ~~ Sandusky Ohio  44826

March 7, 2005


To Whom It May Concern:


First, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Jeremy Grosswiler, and I am a screenplay writer. During the initial process of contract initiation, my agent suggested my script writing was rough but with merit for sale. They, in turn, directed me to Jennifer Leigh (Mustoe) as my editor.  We have been working closely over the last month during the editing process.


Jennifer has exuded a great amount of enthusiasm and professionalism as I’ve worked  closely with her. She has greatly influenced a positive outcome in the redevelopment of my work. We have spoken on personal levels that allowed me to relax and be more creative in my writing. Her suggestions are succinct and honest. I have followed the majority of her suggestions toward the critique of my manuscript without compromising my writing style. What was once blind, now can see, thanks to her help. I have requested her continued help, through Mark Bredt (Jen's boss), on my next project. She is a great asset to any organization. I value her work, opinion, and friendship on all levels.


Therefore, it is my recommendation for you to hire Jennifer as a valuable resource to your company, or to edit your novels, short stories, or screenplays. I would be proud to offer more information relating to my professional relationship with her. I can be reached through the information contained in the letterhead.




Jeremy Grosswiler

Jeryn Mythius (pseudonym)




Please click on this link to email me ( or call or text @ 801-602-2720. Thanks!