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~Author Jennifer Leigh~

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About Me

~Personal Information about me, what I believe in, my interests and hobbies, and other stuff~

  • Born in Hollywood, California, 15 October 1958
  • Father: James Chapin--Television producer, Bozo the Clown (seriously), and author of A Change of Heart, On the Cutting Edge of Laughter~ (available at -deceased
  • Mother: Jacqueline Shaw-- United Airlines Stewardess, Accountant, Mom
  • Two grown sons, two grown stepdaughters, two grown stepsons, one son with my current and last husband, three grandkids.  See more about these folks on my family page

I grew up in Newport Beach, California, graduated from Corona Del Mar High School in 1976.
I married my high school sweetheart, had two kids, divorced seven years later.  I attended Saddleback Community College in Mission Viejo, California, then transferred to Brigham Young University and received my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Humanities, English Emphasis.  I loved school so much I took an eclectic mix of subjects and ended up with a minor in Communications, and extra class credits in: Philosophy, Spanish (I am semi-fluent), Drama, Teacher Prep classes, and horseback riding.
I've worked at several different jobs but my favorites, the two I plan to focus on for my life are writing novels (hence, this site), and editing for clients.  (See my site: Editing For You! for more information.)
My husband, Craig, and I, after finding the One Interest we both share, horses, decided to start CJ Foundation Quarter Horses raising, training and selling registered Quarter Horses.  Other photos of our horses are available on my site on the Pets page and also on a page devoted only to my horses, as well.
I fell in love with Husky dogs years ago when we got our Husky-mix dog, Shadow.  I have been blessed to now own a beautiful purebred black and white Husky named Keeta and now have a male purebred Husky (red, named Sunny) to get a breeding pair.  Photos of these dogs are available on my Pets page as well as a page devoted solely to the dogs.


I'm freelance editing, writing commercials for Utah politics, teaching at Spanish Fork Youth Theater once a week, raising Siberian Huskies, riding and training horses. Oh yeah, and I have taken up running. I sleep when I can.

For my beliefs, religious, political and otherwise, please access my site that's all about me.  This website: is about me as a writer.  For the other 'me's' please look at my other site. 
It (hopefully) reveals the Real Me.


Please click on this link to email me ( or call or text @ 801-602-2720. Thanks!